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LVW Recognized in Citywire’s RIA Future 50

October 10, 2019

Successful Registered Financial Advisors (RIAs) adapt to an ever-changing financial and client landscape with agility and flexibility. LVW Advisors is happy to announce our honor in the Future 50 recognition from Citywire RIA – a bi-weekly magazine exclusively for RIA firms.

Future 50 highlights 50 RIA firms who best represent the future of the RIA industry through innovative sustainability initiatives, diversity, succession planning, and client relations. An excerpt from the Future 50 magazine spread sums the recognition:

“Overall, the Future 50 offer a glimpse of what the advisory space will look like in years to come. The years of wood-paneled offices with solemn, fatherly financial planners behind desks are no more. Instead, the next generation of advisors are more reflective of the wider world and all of the varying life experiences that come with it. Rather than PowerPoints and quarterly reports, next-gen advisors speak frankly, post YouTube videos and respond to text messages.”

Read the full magazine spread and write up on LVW Advisors in the digital version of Citywire RIA

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