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Sarah Bass

Assistant Office Manager, Notary Public

In addition to welcoming clients with a warm smile, Sarah assists our Executive Assistant and COO in helping to ensure the gears of LVW run smoothly. Her intrepid problem-solving abilities and her love of people aid her immensely in this role.

Before LVW, Sarah worked as registrar for her children’s co-op preschool, quickly becoming the go-to person to get things done. Currently, she continues to serve on the board and is busy finishing up her degree.

A member of one “too many” book clubs, when she isn’t lost in a new novel, she’s usually tinkering with a baking recipe, knitting up a blanket or even brewing some odd variety of fruit wine. She is most enamored, however, with a good Netflix binge while snuggled up with her husband, Mike and their two daughters, Brenna and Lorelei.

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