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Lori Van Dusen Speaks at Rochester Rotary

February 21, 2020

Lori Van Dusen, CIMA, Founder and CEO of LVW Advisors, was invited to speak at Rochester Rotary on her experience as an entrepreneur. Lori’s presentation titled “My Walk as an Entrepreneur and Endurance Athlete” focused on Lori’s experience entering the finance world as one of the only women in her Lehman Brothers training class, working her way up to a top-ranked advisor, and ultimately founding LVW, a fiduciary-focused RIA in 2011.

Lori also shared the principles—by which she lives her life—both professionally and personally which includes lessons like: “Play up, not down,” “Think short, intermediate and long term: start with small goals in the context of a larger plan. Small successes build to larger ones”, and “Confidence and ego are two very different things. The former is rooted in results, failure, learning, and humility while the latter is not grounded in reality” among several others.


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