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Knowledge speaks.
Wisdom listens.

At LVW, we believe the best advice starts with listening.

We are committed to putting our clients first in all aspects of our work.

An experienced team

Our senior advisors average more than 23 years of experience and our senior team has been together for over a decade serving both institutions and wealthy families and individuals.


We regularly provide clients with customized reports that track progress and compare results against appropriate benchmarks and peer universes.

A disciplined process

We develop a thorough understanding of each client – including their goals, risk tolerance, and income and liquidity needs – and use that information to devise a comprehensive financial plan that forms the basis for all investment decisions.

A fiduciary commitment

We stand beside our clients as trusted adviser. This commitment is integral to the LVW Advisors mission; and as a Registered Investment Adviser*, we are obligated to place the interests of our clients first.

Deep resources

We use our open-source research platform to collect varied, sophisticated and nuanced views on the markets, and use that information as we seek to build and maintain truly diversified portfolios that emphasize our best ideas. We are not beholden to any group of funds or financial products; we use passive strategies where they make sense and active management where we have high conviction that it will add value.

Continual support

We are committed to guiding our clients through life’s financial milestones, adapting their strategies as circumstances change and providing support during both prosperous and challenging times. Our goal is to be our client’s “first call.”

Our core values and principles do not waver, but our approach to each client is customized and flexible.   Lori Van Dusen Founder & CEO
Our process is anchored in understanding that human emotion can move markets far from fair value, many times irrationally. Education, coupled with diversification and a value oriented discipline, keeps our clients invested – the key to protecting and compounding wealth over time. Joseph P. Zappia Principal
Build the People - They Will Build the Business! The team consistently adhered to the LVW core values, which forms our culture and allows us to have a singular focus on providing best-in-class client service - and having fun along the way! Kim Pugliese COO, Managing Partner
Our clients benefit from the experience we have gained in working with not-for-profits for over 25 years and an open-sourced research platform that allows us to incorporate multiple points of view. Richard Van Kuren Senior Partner, Director of Research
Our disciplined investment philosophy, client focused approach and a collaborative, team oriented culture are key tenets that we believe produce powerful outcomes for our clients. Jeff Wagner Senior Partner
We genuinely care about our clients which helps develop into long term relationships. Our attention to detail, proactive planning approach, advisors’ experience and complementary skill sets are what sets LVW Advisors apart from others. Chris Van Buren Private Wealth Advisor
Our commitment to our financial planning process, unique to every situation, is coupled with our team's attention to detail and resourcefulness that delivers massive value to our clients. Jonathan Thomas Private Wealth Advisor
Our dedication to excellent client service sets us apart, along with the deep connections we build with our clients that are fostered by our detailed-oriented approach and commitment to provide peace of mind. Allie Bell Client Account Manager

Our Investment Philosophy

Diversification is a
simple yet powerful tool.

Complexity is often disguised as diversification. We only add asset classes when we believe they will enhance long-term results.

A value orientation
provides a margin of safety.

Our decisions are grounded in our value orientation. We seek to avoid overpaying. The human factor can make markets irrational, creating opportunities for disciplined investors.

Discipline means using history and valuation metrics as a guide.

While history doesn’t always repeat itself, rarely is it true that “this time is different.” Focus on long-term results rather than short-term performance. Rebalance systematically.

Achieving real returns requires attention to inflation, taxes, and expenses.

Long-term inflation will erode the value of investment assets. Tax-inefficient investments can destroy long-term results. Investment expenses are a drag on portfolio returns. We take all of these facts into consideration when building the right portfolio to support your goals.

Community Impact

We are passionate about the arts, education, and health and wellness issues. And we’re proud to be able to make a difference in the local underserved areas by underwriting and supporting initiatives that make a difference in our community.

Our team members at LVW have been involved with the following organizations:

Featured Resource

Doing Good While Doing Well

The research team at LVW Advisors recently wrote a whitepaper covering the topic of Responsible Investing.  Inside this resource, you will learn how to identify the issues that are most important to you and how to integrate your views and values into your investment portfolio.

Ready to get serious about your investments?

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