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[Whitepaper] A Primer: Convertible Bonds and Convertible Bond Arbitrage

April 6, 2021

Convertible bond arbitrage, which has been in existence for decades, is a long-short strategy of buying a convertible security while simultaneously selling (shorting) a commensurate amount of that company’s stock to capitalize on the pricing inefficiencies present between the stock and the convertible bond. The strategy is a portfolio diversifier with low correlation to equities and bonds, and may work as a hedge against an inflationary environment—as it has lower sensitivity to rising interest rates.

The research team at LVW Advisors recently wrote a whitepaper below that explains convertible bonds and the convertible bond arbitrage strategy, including the potential benefits and risks of the strategy.

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Download the LVW Advisors Whitepaper A Primer Convertible Bonds and Convertible Bond Arbitrage > 

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