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[Whitepaper] Bitcoin: The Potential Role of Digital Assets In Investment Portfolios

January 11, 2022

Bitcoin and other Digital Assets have been a hot topic in mainstream and financial news over the past several years. However, there is a high level of misunderstanding when it comes to the conversation around Digital Assets, by both financial professionals and everyday investors alike. In our view, the bulk of the misunderstanding and confusion around Bitcoin and other Digital Assets stems from preconceived notions based on both bearish misinformation and overidealistic views of the future. We believe that the reality, per usual, lies somewhere in the middle.

The research team at LVW Advisors recently wrote an educational whitepaper providing some background of Digital Assets as well as the potential benefits and risks. Please be advised that LVW is not recommending an allocation to Digital Assets at this time, but continues to monitor and evaluate the opportunities that may exist.

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