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Institutional Asset Management.

Stewards of Your Assets

We navigate the complexity of today’s markets, maintain focus on your vision and steward your assets by:

  • Building a clear picture of your institution’s unique needs, including its objectives, timelines, spending policies, risk tolerance and philosophical or ethical considerations.
  • Identifying the organizational considerations that could put near or intermediate term stress on an otherwise long-term pool of capital.
  • Building consensus among key decision-makers.
  • Ensuring alignment of your investment portfolio with the goals and mission of your organization.
  • Stress-testing portfolios as we seek to best position the institution’s assets to endure variable financial seasons.
  • Assisting in audit preparation and document retention.
  • Maximizing technology to put the information you need at your fingertips.
  • Providing easy-to-read reports on all of your organization’s assets.

Implementation Process

Experience has shown us that long-term success in investing requires careful implementation. We work to be transparent with you throughout the implementation process, to ensure that your organization knows exactly what we are doing and why we’re doing it. Our team has a lengthy track record of working with financially sophisticated committees and executive-level officers to put your investment plan to work.


Not only does the firm provide consulting services to a broad range of nonprofit organizations, we support numerous institutions in various ways. See our Community Impact page for more information.

Accomplishing your organizational goals and the growth of your portfolio is our primary focus. LVW is organized to deliver on that core principle and to simplify the complexity of an ever changing world.

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