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13D Research featured LVW Advisors founder

May 2, 2019

13D Global Strategy & Research released an article on March 7, 2019 titled: The Future of Finance Will Be Female (Part 1). The article, just in time for International Women’s Day, re-enforces the amazing influence women have in shaping the financial industry’s future.

“Thirty years ago, Lori Van Dusen, CEO of LVW Advisors, was an outlier in the wealth advisory world. She invested her clients’ money based on their goals- a bucket for essentials, one for aspirations, and one for legacy. The different goals determined the rick tolerance. In the past few years, many of the big, advisory firms have adopted a variation of this goal-oriented methodology.

Not only did Van Dusen recognize how to relate to the female investor, her approach foresaw two more recent trends – behavioral economics and indexing.”

Read the entire article here!

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